Is a psychiatric disorder(a group of disorders) marked by severely impaired thinking emotions and behaviour. They are unable to filter sensory stimuli & 
enhanced  perception of sounds, colors. Schizophrenia involves  a range of problems with thinking(cognition) behaviour and eruptions , symptoms  
May vary but usually involves delusions hallucinations speech ability.
Suicidal attempts depression  social isolation.
Combination of genetic brain chemistry and environmental contributes to development of the disorder. So schizophrenia is a brain disease.
Having a family history
Some  pregnancy and birth complications(malnutrition)
Toxins, viruses may impact brain development.
Complications  are victimized, aggressive behaviour, health & medical problems, financial problems & Homeless ness abuse of alcohol& nicotine  
Inability to attend school/work, anxiety disorder.
Diagnostics by a physical complaint, family history, lab tests, may be necessary for our doctors.
  1. Advanced Genetic constitutional  
  2. Improves immunity, vigor  & vitality
  3. Improves digestion
  4. Patient support guidelines
  5. Holistic multi factorial approach
  6. Psychosomatic enquiry
  7. Good clinical assessment
  8. Long lasting/ permanent results
  9. Advise on nutrition/habits
  10. Advise on life style modifications
  11. Reduce drug dependency
  12. Build natural restore
  13. Improves quality of life 
  14. Improves life span
  15. Control intensity frequency & duration 
  16. 39 years of professional experience
  17. Affordable and world  class medicines
  18. Natural safe effective & quick relief
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