Gastro  intestinal Tract/gastric disorders.

Constipation bowel disorders
Definition: Refers to difficulty in passing stools/defecation.
Dry painful  difficult to passing stool.
Bowel habits are vary  3 / 4 days ? 
20 lakhs of Indians are suffering from this problem and 70% are use laxatives daily.                                                                                                    
Dietary causes – less water intake, dehydration, low fibre food, plantina, less food intake, fruits, vegetables.
Gastric causes – Eating problems, thyroid, kidney, colon, fissure.
Psychological – Anxiety Stress & Strain, Depression, Delayness.
Miscellaneous – Drugs used for pains, depressants, allergies, BP, diuretics, vitamins, minerals & iron, less exercise.
Constipation, hard stool, bloating flatulence, pain abdomen, distension, bleeding stool, anorexia, hemorrhoids, hernia, laxative dependency, malaise.
If neglected it may leads to:
  1. Anal fissure fistula Hemorrhoids
  2. Stenosis (narrow anus)
  3. Anal prolapse.

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